parallel road

Along railways and roads in the Netherlands are many roads named ‘Parallel Road’. A nice metaphor for the different paths that you can take. The main road is the paved path from A to B, the parallel road is an alternative route along which you will find allotments, secluded paths and orphaned industrial sites.

The Parallel Road in Delft, behind track and station actually quite central to the city, stood for decades an old Van Gend en Loos hangar with courtyard and ramps on both sides.

Until seven years ago, this warehouse was used by a group of carpenters and other makers. While inside the people were working with attention and commitment, through the open door the station announcer, trains and passengers were visible and audible. The world passed by. Two parallel worlds at a glance.

If as part of a major redevelopment of the station area the makers must leave, the question is how to proceed. After about five years of grand demolition and construction, the hangar will be demolished in the station area. When the first underground train will be added to the history books, how are the makers of the Parallelweg?

In 2017 I realize for Stichting Luchtwortel this documentary film on craft and temporality. In April 2016 we successfully crowdfunded in order to complete the film.  In september 2016 we showed some fragments at the open day in the Kabelfabriek and in march 2017 was the preview in the Rietveldtheatre in Delft. July 16th 2017 Omroep West will broadcast the film from 13:00 on at Westdoc.