Vertraagde opnames met de GH3, vertraagde weergave van gitaar en zingende zaag (Hans Muller).
Op zoek naar de sfeer van de tuin die dag.

boom aan het water

sprout it out

Ik vind het fascinerend om planten uit zichzelf te zien bewegen. Timelapses maken die bewegingen zichtbaar.
Hieronder eerst een waterhyacint (op 12000x reële snelheid) en daaronder mosterdzaad (op 4500x reële snelheid).




Met de highspeed-camera van de Vliegkunstenaars van Wageningen University op de markt in Rotterdam met 800 fps gefilmde strijd tussen Zilvermeeuw en Kleine Mantelmeeuw om visresten van De Zeemeermin (met Mieke Stoffel).

into the great wide open

Begin september was ik op Vlieland voor de eerste editie van het zeer ontspannen popfestival Into The Great Wide Open en maakte ik met een piepklein HD-cameraatje ter plekke een aantal ultrakorte filmpjes voor de fesitvalwebsite. Hieronder tref je er eentje. De andere tien zijn via de festivalsite te bekijken.

Volgend jaar weer



I enjoy watching and listening. That’s what I like to express.

Before I studied Fine Arts in 1998 at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, I was a socially oriented lawyer for six years, specialized in immigration and labor law. After that I was editor at a daily TV program for some time.

My departure from the academy in 2001 marked my relatively late start in the arts as an independent filmmaker. In addition to doing commissioned work and teaching courses I make free work: from short documentaries to collages with photo and video loops and short fiction films. The questions I ask myself are often philosophically tinted, and that is reflected in my work. I am more inclined to express an abstract idea than to tell a coherent story.

Two short fiction films I made are about ‘stand apart’ (Let Go, 2010) respectively ‘being present’ (Urban Foxes, 2012) and are both connected with my fascination for the individual in the world. A third short fiction film (Beyond the Sea, 2015) is about the way in which memories can be part of the moment.

Animals often play an important role because for me they are a model to direct experience. Especially the direct experience can give the individual a sense of being part of the world. As human you’re not only part of humanity, but also of the entire natural world, in which a single water molecule can be part of a thunderstorm and not long after that of the juice of the orange you’re eating at  breakfast.

I always look for ways which can express this kind of -reasonably abstract- awareness in my work.

In 2015 I worked with choreographer Ans Kanen on Individual, a study of movement and film. For a presentation in Salon2060 window gallery in Antwerp, I made the video work You Are Here # 3, which addresses the relationship between watching, moment and location. For the group exhibition Plantage Voyage in Spaceburo in Antwerp I made Diptych, an installation with a diapositive in a light box and rasp-leaf pelargonium cuttings in a display box.
In 2017 I realised Parallel Road, a documentary about temporality and craft, I worked on since 2008.

September 2017 I earned a Master’s in Education in Arts at ArtEZ University of the Arts with research on the role of the unconscious in art and science.